Watch Out! Dogs trying to win race for life.

Greyhound Hanged

Purple – Transition Words and Phrases

Greyhounds are generally clean, gentle, smart and sweet-natured human companions. They have a sleek, aerodynamic body with a light and muscular body build. Because of this, Greyhounds are wonderful racers and can reach the speed of 70 kilometers / hour. However, greedy humans tend to abuse their speed by entering them in fierce competitions. Greyhounds are violently and inhumanly trained. They aren’t considered ‘man’s best friend’ but rather a running machine. Greyhound racing is not only just plain cruel, but also controlled by gambling and money. With the intention of making money in mind, the life and treatment of the greyhounds are completely disregarded. Each year, thousands of dogs are seriously injured during races. This includes broken legs, heat strokes, malnutrition, dehydration, spinal cord paralysis, broken necks, and cardiac arrest ( Racing greyhounds are usually put is close quarters allowing contagious diseases to easily spread between the kennels. These living conditions limit their life span from 15 years to between 18 months and 5 years (ASPCA Foundation). However, if a greyhound somehow manages to survive the brutalities of racing, they are not rewarded. Or if a greyhound loses a race, they aren’t done racing and adopted by a loving family as you may expect. Surviving and losing greyhounds receive the worst of punishments. They are purposely killed. The favorite method used to kill a greyhound would be a .22 bullet in the brain. Greyhounds pleasure this method of death the most, as it is easy, quick and painless. If this act is considered savage, then understand that what I revealed is just the part of the iceberg that shows. There are numerous, more painful killing methods. In-fact, there was an incident in Idaho where a female greyhound was placed on wet ground and a metal wire was shoved in her rectum and attached to her lip with a clip and was electrically shocked to death. Greyhounds are beaten to death, some buried alive, and most hung by the neck. Some owners who own large numbers of greyhounds carry out the procedure mass euthanasia, which is the killing of large amounts of patients in an irreversible coma. Some owners strangle their greyhounds to death. Earlier, greyhounds were killed by shoving ice-packs into their hearts ( In Miami, the most common and efficient greyhound disposal was using a decompression chamber. These are only the documented “disposal” methods. Imagine the undocumented.

How bad does a greyhound need to be abused for the government to listen?

Many protests have taken place to end greyhound racing. People all around the world are frustrated by greyhound racing as well as other animal abuse practices. It is not a secret what is happening behind the scenes of those running machines. Everybody understands the cruelty that is put toward greyhounds during training. People who care have protested, gone on strike, revealed dog tracks themselves and written letters to authority. Furthermore, the government has not taken any action to stop greyhound or any animal, really, from racing. This lack of responsibility is not because the government does not care; it is because greyhound racing is a state mandate business, meaning the Federal Government has no control over it. In conclusion, I think people must begin a peaceful protest or strike against the state to stop this brutal practice and pass legislation that prohibits it. Something must be done to stop grey hound racing and the gambling that lies underneath. Gambling itself is a bad sport, but gambling over God’s beautiful creatures is a whole other level.

Something must be done, something should be done!

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The True Beauty of Animals

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In today’s blog post, I will not discuss the cruelty of humans on animals nor will I depress my readers with shocking and sorrowful animal abuse stories. Today, I will direct my readers to see the true beauty of animals.

Let’s start with the elegant and stunning peacock. These amazing creatures can spread out their tail into a massive half circle in less than a second and this action is used to scare of predators. Peacock feathers are eloquently designed with various shapes and patterns but always similar colors. Peacock feathers usually consist of cool colors like green, blue and brown. All peacocks have a design that runs across their feathers and looks like an eye, this design starts crunched up together near the tail base and gradual opens and spaces out, just like a hand opening up for trust.

While peacocks are breathtaking, chameleons are astounding and bewildering. Many believe the myth that chameleons have the ability to change color to match their environment, but chameleons really change color as a response to mood, health, temperature and light (Today I Found Out). Some species of chameleons are limited to the colors of green, brown and gray, yet other species can turn colors including pink, blue, red, orange, black, blue, yellow, turquoise, and purple. Chameleons are astonishing, multi-color creatures that have very unique characteristic.

Known as the king of the jungle, lions are fierce predators with great stamina and courage. Loins have voluminous manes, powerful jaws, supersonic speed, and others animals in the kingdom are always inferior to the loin. A loin’s roar can be heard 8 kilometers away, waking up any animal in the kingdom, but hearing a loin’s roar is not common because loin’s rest for around 20 hours a day.

Owls are enchanting animals; each species portraying a facial expression that can’t be changed.  The barred owl being sincere, the snowy owl being devious, the great horned owl being cheerful, but all owl species share the common characteristic of keen eyesight and acute hearing. Owls are known as wise and peaceful animals, unlike many other birds.

Jelly fish are sensitive, light weight creatures that function without a brain. Some jelly fish can be as small as a pinhead, yet have the sting of a scorpion (Jelly Watch). Jelly fish have simple body plans; they have an opening for food and tentacles to sting predators. Each species of jelly fish have unique designs and abilities. Since jelly fish move with the current, thousands of jelly fish are beached every year.

As you can see, the world is filled with extraordinary animals that each deserves respect. Although animals are not intellectual organisms, they still feel and trashing their habitat does not make them feel . . . good. Disturbing and disrupting environments is also a form of animal abuse. Before they take an action, humans need to stop and think about the consequences. Humans need to start caring for others.

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A Home or a Jail?

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Poor zoo conditions are probably one of the most indirect methods of animal abuse, but considered one of the cruelest methods. Animals all around the world are locked up in small, filthy, cages with little food and contaminated water. These animals are put in synthetic environments that no way replicate their natural habitat, which causes them to emotionally and physically suffer. Many animals are left in cages so small; there is no room for imagination or curiosity. Animals are held captive, simply for our pleasure. These living, breathing and feeling creatures are not ‘things’ to be observed by the world. Animals are deprived their natural needs at the zoo, it makes me sad to think about the number of animals that die each year due to lack of care, whether it is lack of food, water, toys, space or most important, love. I wonder why most zoo keepers aren’t passionate about the animals they take care of? I always thought people who entered the animal business were in it to make a difference in an animal’s life, but I guess not. I honestly don’t understand why we need to look at animals, what pleasure or enjoyment does this bring? It’s a disgrace what we humans do to those who don’t have voice, instead of giving them a voice, humans abuse animals. Humans are the ones to blame for the problems of the world; we create problems, but then we run away from them. Instead of making zoos look like their habitat, why don’t humans keep animals in their natural habitat? The basic message of this blog post is that A HOME CANNOT BE SUBSITITUTED. Animals have the right to roam free, but instead they are caged just for human entertainment. So we can reduce animal abuse, a good alternative to zoos would be viewing animals through videos. Many zoos of the world are uncared for and I believe zoos in general are a form of torture. Animal cruelty may seem like a simple issue, but it is unethical to torture these silenced creatures. I searched the simple terms of “horrible zoos” on the internet and I received 7,630,000 articles and stories. Why can’t we lower this number and help the animals? Here is one story about bad zoo conditions and what it resulted in.

“In 2008, 51 animals died in the Kiev Zoo and in recent months, they lost a 39-year-old elephant, a white camel and a bison. Two sick yaks were saved by veterinarians. Zoo authorities blame a mysterious middle-aged man for poisoning the animals, while critics point at substandard living conditions and negligent handling by unqualified zoo administration.” (Global Post).

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Reflection: After identifying each sentence of my blog post, I noticed that I engage in writing all the sentence types; from simple to compound-complex sentences. I however did notice that I have a lot more complex sentences than any other type. This means that I naturally write complex sentences. I write very little compound-complex sentences because it’s a difficult sentence to construct. Writing should consist of different sentence structures to flow and be less choppy. I want to improve my writing, by writing more compound-complex sentences because varying sentences help my writing to become more fluent.

CAUTION! Rats & Mice Undergoing Mutations

Animal experimentation, is it cruel or crucial? This question should be asked more frequently to remind people what is happening to the animals for your product to be safe. Yes, safe for you but torturous for them. My topic today is animal experimentation, particularly on mice and rats. These small rodents are the most common animals tested on. About 90% of all animal experiments consist of rats and mice. Their extreme cheapness and small size is what drives scientists to use them. Hundreds of mice and rats can be placed in one room, and all for a low price. Wow, you might mouth, but what goes on behind the scenes for your safety of product use is nothing to be impressed by.

Each year, millions of mice and rats are brutally abused and they are forced to vigor through painful procedures.2  Procedures that consist of shots inserted in them, creams rubbed all over them, and pills that are forced down their defenseless throats.1 All that the mice can do is sit and fearfully wait in their barren, small, cold cages. Seems much like rats and mice are in jail, but they have not committed a crime. Why should animals suffer this while humans live out their days wanting more, more and more?

Mice and rats are kept in cages their entire lives. What curiosity can wires surrounding you, imprisoning you bring? These cages and continuous experiments deprive animals their natural needs. There are many issues in society today about governments violating the natural rights of people. Well, in that case aren’t humans in general governments that control animals and violate their rights. Mice, rats and many other vulnerable animals are deprived the right to life, liberty and always, the pursuit of happiness. Or, do only these rights apply to humans? Heartless people might say that we humans, have life, feel, think and that is why we deserve rights. Think again, and as shocking as this may sound, animals feel, too. Animals have lives; they think, explore, express emotions, and most definitely, feel pain and neglect. So do not ever think that animal testing is ok. Regardless of their feelings, humans also unmercifully experiment on them.3

Identifying 3 Rules of Comma Placement – however

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  • 2 – Commas between independent clauses
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Free the Geese

Down Coats: Geese

It’s a disgrace! It’s a disgrace what we humans use our power for. One would think that such a dominating race would use their abilities and power to help the world to become a better place, and as cliché at that sounds, it’s true. Humans have gone too far this time and especially for a fashion statement. Yes, a fashion statement. That Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren down coat in your closet has come from the feathers of geese that have been live plucked. Crying geese with large bloody gaping wounds were seen waddling out of a workhouse after being live-plucked. According to Mail-Online, “Workers grab terrified geese by their wings or legs, sometimes breaking them, as they tear out their feathers”. This is the obscure part of the down industry. “The bleeding birds’ wounds are roughly sewn up without anesthetic. When their feathers grow back, it happens all over again”. White geese are bred for meat and plucked three or four times before being slaughtered around 26 weeks. More fortunate, grey geese, which are bred for Foie Gras are plucked once or twice before being slaughtered at just 12 weeks. Foie Gras, French for ‘fat liver,’ is a famous and luxurious dish served at sumptuous hotels and restaurants. Foie Gras is an engorged goose’s liver. Can you imagine how a goose’s liver is enlarged? Through the mishigaas act of force feeding. Tubes are perilously shoved down their throat and yellow mush is forced down. This often smothers geese’s air passage making geese die of suffocation. So not only are geese tortured through live plucking but also through force feeding.

Geese only live to die.

Remorse should be felt by the humans that buy down jackets/feather coats and eat Foie Gras and continue the supply and demand these items. Humans flaunt their wealth by wearing top-of-the-line feather clothing and eating this expensive food. A food they well don’t deserve. I feel extreme rebuke towards these humans, toward the humans that know ‘bout this torture yet choose to stay quiet and especially toward the humans that are ignorant of this matter. Some say that ignorance is the key to happiness; what you don’t know won’t hurt you. But have you ever thought that what you do know will help them, the animals that suffer to supply your fashion needs. Now there are people that will come across this blog and think that animal cruelty is a trifling matter because the fact is there always will be mean people in this world. Something we just have to accept. Specifically to them, stop being so adamant. Change is an option, one that will take effort, but still an option that the world must accept for it to take place.

My blood seethes as I begin to think of the abuse of animals. After this post, I hope yours will to.

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